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Your home garden project does not have to involve a comprehensive master plan when you work with Exterior Design Atlanta. Often times, we help clients with smaller projects, like adding new foundation plantings or masonry repairs. We also offer fresh design ideas for more focused areas like your outdoor kitchen, walkway or garden terrace.

Additionally, many of our small garden projects are for home staging purposes. Clients frequently contract our services to add curb appeal to their homes for a special occasion.

How much do you charge for a landscape design?

This has to be one of the questions we get asked most frequently.  And understandably so. Landscaping can be a considerable investment and one that can and should add value to your home.

If you have never worked with any type of designer or architect before, the answer to this question is one you may need to know before deciding if you want to hire a landscape designer or landscape architect .


The cost of a landscape design has many variables. A few of them are fairly obvious, such as:

- the size of your property

- elements you want to include in the design (patio, water feature, fire pit, arbor, outdoor kitchen, landscape lighting, etc.)

- fees charged by the landscape designer or landscape architect

Other, not so obvious factors, that determine the cost of your landscape design may also include:

- your existing space and the existing features

- the topography of your site

- your location

- if you have a site plan or other measurements of your property

- the degree of detail that is needed on the plan

Generally speaking, the more time and expertise that goes into the planning and design of a landscape, the more the landscape design will cost.  Understanding how much time goes into the a landscape design can be difficult for many homeowners to understand.

It can also be one of the biggest challenges for a landscape designer.  Estimating the time it will take to design a landscape is something that I would bet even the most experienced landscape designers have struggled with from time to time.

As landscape architects and landscape designers (many of us are also the business owner, janitor, bookkeeper, etc.) we want to deliver a knock-your-socks-off-design, while at the same time price it so that we can have the creative space and time we need to do great work.


The total time your landscape plan will take may include time for the landscape designer or landscape architect to:

- take measurements and complete a site analysis of the property

- enter the property site measurements and notes into CAD to create a base plan (for a designer that does hand-drawings this would be the time it takes to draw the base plan)

- research property codes, setbacks, restrictions, etc.

- draft design concepts that cohesively integrate all the features that you have requested to be in your new landscape. We also create ‘idea pages’ with photographs to use as visual aids to convey the feel of the design

- meet with you to review design concepts

- draft design revisions from concepts plans to create your master plan

- draft design details (for elements like arbors and pergolas, screen structures, outdoor kitchens, etc.)

- develop the planting plan, taking the time to make sure the right plant is in the right place (based on mature size, exposure and water requirements, and type of soil preferences), integrating your existing plant material and redistributing existing plant material if needed

- meeting with you to review the final landscape layout and planting plan


As you can see there is a lot that goes into creating a landscape plan.  There is really no such thing as a typical design or design fee because each project is so individual and because every company/designer will have something different to offer based on their level of expertise and how much detail and creativity they put into a project. This is makes it difficult to give an average cost for a landscape design.

That said, our landscape designs range from partial renovations and small planting plans, that start around $1500, to full landscape designs that can cost several thousand dollars