Remodeling and Home Design


3D Exterior Renderings

If you are like most people, it is very difficult to envision a potential design idea unless you have an image to look at.. and that’s exactly what Exterior Design Atlanta provides to our clients, so they can “see” exactly what the future design will look like in their exterior or interior space. CAD (Computer Aided Design) Renderings can be photo like quality images or, simply color board sketches of layout, plantings, location of permanent fixtures and other elements that complete the design plan for your home.


The benefits of Rendering projects for our clients is a cost saving tool for both Exterior Design Atlanta and our clients, and it prevents potential unforeseen errors or undesirable elements in the design process that might have been missed until installation. The design programs that we use also gives us a complete breakdown of materials and costs for the estimating process which will immediately follow, once the design is finalized.