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Swimming Pools and Hottubs

Swimming Pools & Hottubs

We think you’ll agree, Swimming Pools and Hottubs are the best-known backyard American dream. It becomes the center of your own personal backyard resort, a place for you and your family to while away delightful summer afternoons. Exterior Design Atlanta’s masterful designers can create a pool-scape specifically tailored to your backyard, style preferences, and family’s needs.

They are, however, a major capital investment in your home, requiring substantial site work and infrastructure. How pools are located and incorporated into your property requires diligent planning.

In addition to compliance with code requirements ranging from fencing to storm-water management, for the money you will be spending you will want the greatest return on your investment with a pool that not only looks fabulous, but is easy to use and maintain through the years.

The best way to assure this is to make sure the pool is suited to your backyard. For example, if you have a sloping, wooded backyard a natural, informally shaped pool will be cheaper to build because that style will require less level grading and tree removal.

Furthermore, it will simply look more at home in its setting, possibly requiring less landscaping. A formal pool in the same spot requires greater skill in location and may incur greater installation costs from the extra grading required to make the formal elements look comfortable on its sloped site.

From modest, to extravagant, this collection of swimming pool photos represents only a very small sample of the pool designs that the Exterior Design Atlanta team can design and build for you. First browse through our Swimming Pools Designs Projects Gallery, where you can also find other features such as fountains, hot tub areas, and waterfalls, etc. and then we will put together a photo quality rendering from your land plat to show you exactly what it will look like in your back yard!

Exterior Design Atlanta will work with your wish list and pool builder to design and install a pool area that fits your yard as effortlessly as the pools you are about to see.